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We think that artistic strategies may be used as a form of cultural activism. This is because the end of the older Pre-Roman Iron Age and the start of the younger Pre-Roman Iron Age coincided with the creation of a modern model of Germanic civilization, which developed under the influence of the aforementioned intensive contacts with the Celtic zone.

Pelican,p. Accesat în 16 decembrie Dardanelles, a study of the strategical and certain tactical aspects of the Dardanelles campaign. Accesat în 3 aprilie The Historical Journal, Vol. Churchill Centre. Arhivat din original la 16 decembrie Accesat în 26 februarie Jordan aprilie Churchill, a founder of modern Ireland. Westport Books. Accesat în 21 septembrie Accesat în 3 februarie The Independent.

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Arhivat din original la 28 iunie Motilal Banarsidass Publ. Wikimedia Commons conține materiale multimedia legate de Winston Churchill. La Wikicitat găsiți citate legate de Winston Churchill. Adam sharp investit devreme bitcoin Kekkonen. Chiang Kai-shek. Coreea de Nord. Coreea de Sud. Daniel Ortega. Time Persons of the Year. Roosevelt Hugh S. Johnson Franklin D. Eisenhower Harry S. Truman James F. Byrnes George Marshall Harry S. Truman Winston Churchill Omul luptător american Eisenhower U. Bush Spații de nume Articol Discuție. Vizualizări Lectură Modificare Modificare sursă Istoric. Pagina principală Schimbări recente Cafenea Articol aleatoriu Facebook. Ce trimite aici Modificări corelate Trimite fișier Pagini speciale Navigare în istoric Informații despre pagină Citează acest articol Element Wikidata. Wikimedia Commons Wikicitat.

Winston Churchill. Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill. Randolph Churchill [5] Lady Randolph Churchill [5]. Regatul Unit. În funcție 26 octombrie — 7 aprilie Clement Attlee. Anthony Eden. În funcție 10 mai — 27 iulie Neville Chamberlain. Cariera literară. Identificator titlu IMDb. Predecesor: Neville Chamberlain. Saharna I; Saharna Mică I; Saharna 9.

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Saharna Nouă I; Saharna Nouă II; Saharna Nouă V? Buciuşca; Saharna Nouă IV; In this region the river bank is also steep and rises about m above the surface of the water. The territory is segmented by a deep gorge with steep slopes, which starts from the river and continues north-east on a distance of about 1. Near the village of Horodişte the gorge branches, forming a network of canyons, which shape a series of promontories. Within these micro-zones, special attention was paid to studying the de- fensive system of the fortresses. At all fortifications, the remains of the defen­ sive lines were visually investigated; their outline was fixed with the GPS. Horodişte II; 4. Buciuşca II; 5. Buciuşca III; 8. Buciuşca Adam sharp investit devreme bitcoin 9. Buciuşca V; Horodişte; Ţipova III; 7. Ţipova IV 0 Legend: village fortification open settlement m Fig. At the same time, there are also some specific features, which adam sharp investit devreme bitcoin the mo- ment have not been seen at the fortifications in the neighboring regions. Bastions located in front of the entrance gates Fig. The Saharna Mică fortification Fig. Saharna Mică. Topographic sketch and orthophotomap after Google Earth Pro. The only accessible part, the northern one, was blocked with a rampart and an ad- jacent ditch, representing a slightly curved line with a length of approximately m.

On the northern side, approximately in the central part of the defensive line, where the rampart is flattened probably the place of the entrance gatein front of the ditch, there was a horseshoe-shaped bastion with dimensions of approx- imately 40×44 m, which ends joined to the ditch of the fortress Fig. The second bastion was built in front of the defense line, on the north- eastern side most exposed in the case of attacks from the north and east. The remains of the bastion2 at the time of the discovery were in the form of an elon­ gated mound, on the surface of which limestone stones were noted Smirnov6. The archaeological researches revealed the presence of a defensive construction of semicircular shape, in the construction of which a huge amount of stone was used. The bastion had an outer diameter of about 24 m and the inner one — of about 14 m Fig. Its base was a stone wall made without 2 The bastion was discovered and researched by G. Smirnov in Chernozem in mixture with vegetation; 3.

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Chernozem; 4. Ruins of the stone bastion after G. Smirnov and T. Two to nine rows of limestone stones laid one over the other have been preserved from this construction Fig. In- side the bastion, but also over the ruins of the wall, there were traces of ashes, pieces of carbonized beams and fragments of burned clay. These finds allow the assumption that a wooden framework coated with clay was erected over the stone construction Niculiţă, Zanoci and Arnăut25, fig.

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The area of the for­ tress of about 6 ha was surrounded by a defensive system, composed of several defensive elements. Another bastion Fig. At a distance of about 2 m in front of the bastion, a ditch with a width of about 12 m and a depth of about 2. The third bastion is in front of the gate on the northern flank Fig. Regretfully, it was not preserved, being destroyed in the s during the con- struction of a road on the territory of the fortification. However, its existence is testified by a photograph made by G. Smirnov in Fig. Based on the location of the bastions of Saharna Mare and Saharna Mică, as well as on their configuration, it can be seen that access to adam sharp investit devreme bitcoin was possible only by bypassing these buildings, which meant that the one who in- tended to enter the fortress was always exposed to the attack on the right side unprotected by a shield Fig.

The defense of the gates with semi-cir- cular bastions has a much older tradition and has been known in the Aegean area since the Bronze Age, such as, for example, at Aegina V BC Ivanova, Taf. Saharna Mare. Hypsometric map after Asăndulesei As mentioned above, the use of the semicircular bastions to defend the gates is something specific only for the Getic sites of the Saharna micro-zone. Zanoci Fig. Bastions of the entrance gates. Gates use. Central gate use. Bastions located on the perimeter of the fortress Fig. They have a semicircular shape with a diameter between 5 and 18 m, being groupedlocated at a distance of about m adam sharp investit devreme bitcoin each other.

Currently they have the appearance of ramparts with a base width of about m and a height of about 0. Southern bastion gate inside outside Saharna Mare. Central bastion outside inside Saharna Mare. Northern bastion outside inside Saharna Mică inside Glinjeni Fig. Gates with bastions. Schematic plans. Bastions on the north-eastern flank after Niculiţă, Zanoci and Băţ They were grouped four at a distance of about 6 m from each other and were located on the north and south flanks of the fortification Fig. These defensive constructions have a semi-round shape with a diameter of about m, except for those at the northern and southern ends, which are smaller, having 7 m and 9 m, respectively Fig. In order to determine the method of building the bastions at one of them bastion No.

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As a result, it was established that the ruins of the building had two layers. The first one has a thickness of about 0. The second one, with a thickness of about 0. The beams were pre- served with a diameter of 0. The pits had a cylindrical shape with a diameter of about 0. On the contour of the pits there were found stone slabs that were meant to consolidate the pillars dug in them Niculiţă, Zanoci and Băţfig.

The inner space of the fortress, with an area of about 0.

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On the east side, the defensive system is corrugated and forms three semi-oval bastions of × m in size, located at a distance of about 6 m from each other. In order to clarify the construction system of the bastions, archaeological investigations were carried out at one of them.

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The remains of the bastion rep- resented a debris layer 0. It consisted of chernozem mixed with ash and stones with dimensions between 0. After the removal of the debris layer, at the depth of about 0. The quasi-cylindrical pits with a diameter of 0. The distance between the rows was about 0. In 3 To the distance of 1 m between the frames is added the average thickness of the beams of 0. The ditch had a square shape in a section, with a width of 0. Behind it, to protect it from the floods, a ditch for water drainage was dug Niculiţă, Zanoci and Băţ, fig. It was defended with a circular de- fensive system that surrounded an area of about 0. There were three bastions on the north side and three ones on adam sharp investit devreme bitcoin east side in the defensive line; the bastions were of semi-round shape, with a diameter of about m, the distance between them being about m.

In order to identify the way of construction of the bastions, archaeological investigations were carried out at one of them. Remains of the bastion were found at a depth of 0. The pits had a diameter of 0. On the outline of a pit, four limestone stones were identified, which probably served to strengthen the pillar. Behind the remains of the bastion, there was discovered a small ditch dug in the rock, with a width of 0. The quasi-triangular shaped area of about 0. The defensive line on the eastern side includes four half-round bastions with a diameter of about 5 m, at a distance of about 6 m from each other. Four other bastions were found on the northern edge of the promontory. The remains of the bastions at the time of the discovery had a semi- oval shape with the dimensions of 4. To study the technique of construction of adam sharp investit devreme bitcoin bastions on the northern side, an archaeological section was made on one of them. In the course of investigation there was discovered an agglomeration of stones meas- uring 0. Two of them were arranged on a line oriented east-west, and two others on the north-south axis. As they were arranged, they were supposed to be part of a de- fensive construction. As a result of the archaeological researches, the remains of a ditch were also found.

On the investigated plot it represented a right angle. On the eastern side of the section, the ditch had a length of 3. The ditch had a width of 5 On the investigated area, about 0. The site, with an area of about 28 ha, is lo­ cated on a quasi-polygonal promontory with a relative altitude of 65 m, bounded on three sides by gorges with relatively steep slopes Fig. They have arched shape, with an opening of about m.

In order to clarify the construction technique and the time of building of the bastions, archaeological research was carried out at the eastern end of the defensive line on the southern side. Remains of the defensive construction ap- peared at a depth of 0. It had a concave shape and was found on a 2. Within the debris there is a large stone 1. Also, among the ruins, at a depth of about 0. It was in the vertical position and was 0. Many pieces of carbonized wood were found around it. At the northern end of the debris agglomeration, in the east and west pro- files the traces of two pits from pillars were found.

They were about 0. The pits were filled with burnt soil mixed with carbonized wood pigments. Under the debris agglomer- ation, over its entire width, a layer of soil, about 0. From the archaeological situation, it was assumed that the excavated debris represents the ruins of a defensive line. It consisted of two rows of pillars. The first is confirmed by the presence of the pits observed in the profile. The second is indicated by the carbonized beam in situ.

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The distance between the rows is estimated at about 0. The space between the rows of beams was filled with earth and stones. It is not excluded that the exterior surface of this structures had been covered with clay, which is suggested by fragments of burnt clay found in the debris. Bastions located on the perimeter of the fortress. Thus, after studying the placement of the bastions integrated into the de- fense lines, it was observed that they were, in most cases, arranged on the east- ern sides of the fortresses, being oriented towards the Dniester River. They were also found on the edges adam sharp investit devreme bitcoin the gorges, which go from the Dniester to the interior of the territory. These sectors eastern, southern, and northern of the fortifications were most exposed to possible attacks, which could come from communities living east of the Dniester. The presence of defensive constructions of the bastion type, no matter where they are located, denotes the fact that the Getic communities in the Middle Dniester region had a thorough knowledge in the field of military archi- tecture and strategy.

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Chişinău: Cartdidact. Ciobotaru, Valerian. Chişinău: Bons Offices. Goltseva N. Glinzhen II. Mnogosloinyi pamiatnik Srednego Podnesnrovia. Tiraspol: Mako.

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Ivanova, Mariya. Befestigte Siedlungen auf dem Balkan, in der Ägäis und in Westanatolien, ca. Münster: Waxmann. Vestigii traco-getice pe Nistrul Mijlociu.

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Keeley, Lawrence H. Tyragetia s. Monografie arheologică. Bucureşti: Vavila Edinf. Habitatul din mileniul I a. I, Evoluţia habitatului din microzona Saharna în epoca fierului. Romanovskaia, M. In Noveishie otkryia sovetskih arheologov, II, Sîrbu, Valeriu, and George Trohani. Smirnov, G. Otchetnye materialy po arheologicheskim issledovaniiam Moldavii za gody. Arhiva MNIM, inv. The ten books on architecture. Translated by Morris Hicky Morgan. Harvard: University press. Zanoci, Aurel. Zanoci, Aurel, and Mihail Băţ. Carpatica Rezumatele comunicărilor, In Iron Age fortifications on the Tisa-Dniestr spase. Chişinău-Brăila: Istros.

The specific features of the Getic fortifications in the Middle Dniester region the Saharna and Horodişte-Ţipova micro-zones P L U R A L 31 Particularităţile fortificaţiilor getice din regiunea Nistrului Mijlociu microzonele Saharna şi Horodişte-Ţipova Rezumat: În regiunea Nistrului Tranzacționare pe criptomonedă de marjă, în urma cercetărilor de teren, a sonda- jelor şi a cercetărilor arheologice au fost repertoriate 40 de fortificaţii şi 70 aşe- zări deschise, atribuite comunităţilor getice din sec. IV-III a. În ultimii ani o atenţie sporită a fost acordată cercetării fortificaţiilor din microzonele Saharna 16 situri şi Horodişte-Ţipova 7 situri. În urma cercetărilor de teren şi a inves- tigaţiilor arheologice s-a observat că sistemul defensiv al fortificaţiilor din această regiune are unele particularităţi, care nu sunt atestate la restul cetăţilor getice. Edificarea construcţiilor defensive de tip bastion, ca elemente supli- mentare a fortificaţiilor, denotă faptul că comunităţile getice din regiunea Nis- trului Mijlociu posedau cunoştinţe temeinice în domeniul arhitecturii militare. Cuvinte-cheie: regiunea Nistrului Mijlociu, epoca fierului, geţi, fortificaţii, bastioane.

The following article assumes that the destruction of settlements and new immigration can be seen in a clearly evident change in ceramic technology and the associated supply of raw materials. It is assumed that extensive continuities in the production of ceramics require an undisturbed knowledge transfer between the actors, which cannot be the case in a complete new settlement. In particular, this can be traced back to archaeometric analyzes of ceramics, whereby local or non-local sound supply, leaning, sound processing and burning techniques have meaning.

For this reason, ceramics of the two cul- tures of two neighboring settlements — Ulmu Ialoveni District, Republic of Moldva — Poieneşti-Lukaşevka culture and Horodca Mică Hânceşti district, Republic of Moldova, Getic culture — were examined for these parameters. Archaeoceramology is a narrow specialist branch of archaeometry dealing with multiple aspects of historical pottery analysis. It includes the analysis of chemical composition, mineralogical and petrographic composition, analysis of physical and mechanical ceramic properties, as well as the estimation of firing temperature and atmosphere and assessment of functional properties. Com- prehensive analysis of this type can provide insights relating to the provenance of ceramic raw materials and to the technology of ceramic production. Study- ing ceramic technology is important because differences in know-how are not only indicative of the level of technological knowledge within a given culture or period, but they can also reflect the transfer of technological knowledge at the level of individuals e.

Furthermore, geological factors may have dictated that potters based at different ceramic production centers used the same clay as well as the same non-plastic raw materials to make ceramic bod- ies. In this scenario it is only technological analysis that has the potential to identify individual production centers. Pottery found at the Horodca Mică and Ulmu iron age settlements — results of archaeoceramological analysis P L U R A L 33 A standard package of analyses was used to investigate the provenance of 19 pottery fragments found in Ulmu and 15 pottery fragments found in Horodca Mică. The our aim of thin-section studies was to identify the mineralogical-pet- rographic content and grain size distribution of the non-plastic clastic com- ponents of the body. Thin-section analysis can provide only very general in- formation about the matrix owing to the resolution of the microscope, the size of the clay minerals making up the plastic part of the body and the fact that they undergo transformation when fired. When using three analytical methods in provenance studies, pottery groups are determined independently using: MGR analysis, chemical analysis and thin-section studies. Each of these methods yields a different type of clas- sification matrix groups, geochemical groups and clastic material groups. Collectively, these three types of classification allow provenance groups to be established, which not only highlight differences in chemical composition but can also demonstrate what these differences are associated with e.

The tranzacționare pe criptomonedă de marjă ceramic properties apparent density, open porosity, water ab- sorption of the original pottery fragments were also evaluated. Physical ceramic properties depend on the type of raw material from which the vessel was made, the temperature at which it was fired, how it was formed, and in particular on the method used to de-air the ceramic body, which is very individual to each potter de-airing is a very time-consuming adam sharp investit devreme bitcoin and as such is less susceptible to ran- dom problems. If we have products made of the same ceramic body, formed us- ing the same technique, thoroughly dried and fired at the same temperature, their porosity will be entirely dependent on how well the ceramic body was de-aired. A step by step strategy was adopted for provenance analysis, allowing for a reduction in the number of analyses carried out.

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All samples underwent MGR-analysis, the results being used as the basis for raw material classification, after which samples were selected for chemical analysis. Following further clas- sification, samples were subsequently selected for examination in thin-section. The apparent density, open porosity and water absorption of all sherds was evaluated. As a result of the methods applied, a number of findings have been reached. Ceramic wares found at both sites were made using a body intentionally tempered with crushed potsherds grog.

At both sites pottery was made using similar, non-standardised technology: various amounts of grog temper adam sharp investit devreme bitcoin used and firing was carried out at various temperatures in an incompletely ox- idizing atmosphere. As the sites differ chronologically this demonstrates a discon- tinuity in raw material use. Taking into consideration the results of MGR-analysis, chemical analysis and thin-section studies it can be concluded that the analysed samples repres- ent wares made at local pottery workshops, except for facetted pot sample no. This sample most probably represents a non-re- gional import. The same might be true of another facetted pot sample sample no. Interestingly, both sample no. Many of the artists. Orice altceva din decupajele astfel realizate e sustras privirii publicului. Pînæ la urmæ, masa rotundæ nu a mai avut loc, iar drept urmare lucrærile expuse capætæ, în forma aceasta, caracterul unui vîrf de aisberg. Not only that an artistic gesture gained a particular dissemination, but a network was thus created, a communion between the East European artists. A minimal action, but, in the context of that time, using that stamp of an unknown significance and provenience, parallel to that of the official mail services, was the necessary and sufficient extra needed to detour this common act towards an artistic gesture.

The second aspect of the exhibition is the image of a gravitational map, a map acquired from a specialized company, which includes the Black Sea and the Central Europe. With the explicit, analytic coordinates of its legend lacking, it presents to us as an abstract graphical image: in fact, it is an iconic undetermined photogram of reality, serving to the enigmatic evocation of some precise aspects of its non existence.

The magnetic intensities, just like the little histories, exist, even though the majority of us ignore them or do not give them any importance. Equipotential surface [De ce copiii maghiari picæ examenele la limba românæ? We feel intensely this subliminal contradiction and tension in the exhibition, which is also part of the subtle calculation — adapted to approach the unknown within the familiar — proposed by the artist. The weight of the works of Dénes Miklósi, both in the sense of a difficult access to them and the consistence which they take on, once their resistance surmounted, consists not only in the attempt to reveal this unnoticed presences, but also in the subtle parsimonious way and the maximum discretion in which he catches complex social mechanisms.

Translated by Alex Moldovan. Notes: 1. Romanian artists, where not the only ones, enthusiastically rushing to get involved in such events perceived as the only form of freely communicating with other cultural and artistic areas. This part of the project was initially exhibited as an independent work in the group exhibition GPS — Unknown Scene, 12—25 October NovemberErnst Museum, Budapest, under the title Miért buknak meg adam sharp investit devreme bitcoin magyar gyermekek románból?

Equipotential surface [Why do Hungarian children flunk their Romanian language exams? Equipotential surface], the artist using the same logic of putting together a natural adam sharp investit devreme bitcoin a social reality. The first part of the title is taken from a specialized article denouncing the pedagogical mistakes imposed in teaching the Romanian language by the minorities in public schools. Center and their guests, OctoberTimiøoara. Arta ca metodologie Interviu cu grupul H. Printre proiectele desfæøurate de H. They work together as H. They are interested in topics ranging from knowledge production and re writing histories to gender issues in global capitalist times, all these in the context of working in various collaborations with persons and groups with different backgrounds. Among the projects carried out by H. What reactions have you received during and after the completion of the project? Art critic and curator, she is running the NGO E-cart.

Un sprijin important. We thought this space as a demonstration that there are alternatives. The reactions received about this project were diverse. During the project and after its completion we and our collaborators tried to answer questions raised by the public, by the media, by colleagues from the art world, by people we knew, etc, questions regarding the necessity of such a project and the adam sharp investit devreme bitcoin of the topics approached. So we saw these questions as starting points for an important and necessary discussion. On adam sharp investit devreme bitcoin other hand, there were also positive reactions again from the public, the media, colleague from the art world, a câștigat bani din tranzacționarea cu criptomonede we knew, etc. There were reactions from those who have seen this space as a place where, even though temporarily, a break in the pre-established order occurs. It was very encouraging for us to talk to people who entered the space to attend events, to browse through the archive or just to talk and who told us how necessary the existence of such a space physical or not seems, where one could talk about the fact that the reality we live in, based on an ideology of profit, is not unavoidable and that there are alternatives.

Can you give us a brief account of the overall climate of these meetings in the context of an exaggerated security and overzealousness on the part of the Romanian authorities? Have you met again some of the Project Space participants? Given the circumstances, activists from Romania and other states have rented a space where, for a week 28 March — 5 Aprilthey planned to organize different workshops, film projections, presentations, etc, as a form of peaceful protest against the policies used by NATO. The saddest part is the fact that the media, in articles and reports broadcasted weeks before the summit started, have made this oppressive action of the authorities look like a normal security measure. From the 1st, when we reached Bucharest, and until the 5th, when we left for Timiøoara, we felt like living in a parallel world, where citizen rights are being suspended and any abuse from the authorities is possible. An important support came from Emil Moise another Project Space guestwith whom we maintained an almost permanent telephone contact throughout the day of April 2nd the day when the Gendarmerie broke abusively into the rented space and held into custody all the persons who were there at the time and who filed a complaint at the Prosecution of the High Court of Cassation and Justice against the Romanian Gendarmerie and the Romanian Police for the abuses they made those days.

Can you give us a broader definition of the starting points for this project and at the same time explain the whole title of the project: Feminisms: Histories, Free Spaces, Participative Democracy, Economical Justice? On the other side, in recent history, as a condition for the integration in the European Union, Romania has adopted a series of genderrelated laws. Although, of course, the adoption of such legislation is a very important step and although these laws may prove very useful to those who have the means to use them, a series of problems with an important gender-related content such as precariousness, poverty, migration, which result directly in violence and discrimination, are not covered by these laws. How should we relate to the post-communist silence regarding feminism and the role of women in the communist period, to the necessity of an objective analysis of them? How could one use the feminist strategies and perspectives as a way of analyzing the privileges and power relations which global capitalism is structured on? What relation does occur between patriarchate and capitalism? Cum ne raportæm la tæcerea postcomunistæ legatæ de feminism øi rolurile femeilor din perioada comunistæ, la necesitatea unei analize obiective a acestora? Care este legætura dintre patriarhat øi capitalism?

În ce mæsuræ acest public s-a schimbat? Primul public pe care l-am avut au fost colegii noøtri din facultate, pe care îi invitam sæ discutæm despre artæ, despre ce ar trebui sæ fie arta. Aceastæ perspectivæ s-a schimbat în momentul în care am început sæ privim lucrurile mai în ansamblu. To what degree has this public changed? If the topics you approach now have another level of urgency, your practice and your tactics are pretty much the same, based on dialog and involvement. You are now being seen more as a group of social and cultural activism than as an artistic group and does this difference matter? Do you think that the social responsibility of the artist implies the departure from. Have you thought about such delimitations when you conceived and set the physical space where the project takes place?

Lately, we have been witnessing a re-actualization of various feminist issues and, at the same time, an institutionalization and even a classicization of the artistic feminism. Could you identify some of the methods inspiring you and which you consider to be important? Our first public consisted in our colleagues at the faculty, whom we used to invite to talk about art, what art should be about. These questions related so closely to the means of making art because at the time, right after tranzacționare pe criptomonedă de marjă graduation, the fracture between art and society seemed to us a natural attribute of art. This perspective has changed when we started to see things more holistically. If you actually start relating to the context you live in, if what happens to you and what you feel becomes a topic, if the others count, too, then the discussion no longer regards only you as an artist and your possibilities, but becomes a discussion about yourself as a citizen and your possibilities.

Felul în care am conceput proiectul Feminisme se bazeazæ mult pe felul acesta de raportare la public; am încercat sæ facem vizibil acest caracter flexibil øi fluid inclusiv în modul în care am conceput identitatea vizualæ a proiectului. Consideræm cæ strategiile artistice pot fi folosite pentru o formæ de activism cultural. Legat de acest lucru, de munca în colaborare, am putea sæ vorbim øi de modelele care ne inspiræ. Credem cæ nevoia abordærii problematicilor feministe a fost øi este mereu actualæ oriunde în lume. În acest sens, modelele care ne inspiræ nu vin în mod necesar doar din sfera artei. Cu o parte. An intermediary phase in our developing relation to art and its public was the project About Art and the Ways We Look at the World, a manual talking about art, but without simply addressing those within the field. This way, not only has the public became more diverse, but, in fact, the possibility of an actual collaboration with those we call the public has been opened, as we become, in our turn, the public for the topics they bring into discussion.

The way we conceived the project Feminisms is very much based on this kind of approaching the public and we also tried to render visible this flexible and fluid character in the way we conceived the visual identity of the project. Even though we had a pre-established plan of events for the 10 months during which the project space will be functioning, this is nevertheless a plan in progress and this is something we also wanted to make visible in the website design, in the invitations, etc, and especially in the way we set the physical space for the project.

The spatial elements do not create a fixed structure; they are modules changing their destination according to the needs and which would also prove useful in other locations. Apart from its various practical functions, we conceived the space as something more than a neutral framework for the public events or informal meetings, as a form relating itself to ideas such as, for instance, the fluidity of the borders between public and private. We think it is very important to find ways in which art, although many times is appropriated partially or completely by the neo-liberal system, may still be used as a self-reflexive and honest tool of critique and analysis. We think that artistic strategies may be used as a form of cultural activism. Photo: H. In this respect, we could also talk about the models which inspire us in our collaborative work. We think that the need to approach feminist issues was and still is always present throughout the world. In this respect, the models inspiring us are not necessarily from the art field. They are diverse and come from various fields, they are all those questions, actions, approaches, practices which challenge our prejudices, which broaden our perspectives, activate our creativity and our courage to think that it is possible to change a compelling situation. You have already worked in Bucharest with some of these participants — can you already talk about continuity and about fruitful collaboration on the long term?

The fact that there are still people and groups with whom we have a continuous bond in time, which materializes in various other discussions, encounters, projects, friendships is a great source of energy and inspiration for us. It is probably, keeping an eye on what happens in the world, the most difficult thing — to think that there is a point of return and that the possibility of change depends on everyone of us, to think that the way we choose to live our individual lives and our everyday actions can impact on a wider change, not to give up imagining possible spaces outside the existent norms and not to lose hope that these spaces could be someday accessible to everyone. In parallel, we work on a publication which, apart from the space-related events, will reflect different feminist positions and practices in Romania and abroad, which are relevant for a more nuanced understanding of the issues. Thus, during the months after completing the work within the physical space of the project, our main focus will be on editing the publication.

At the same time, the topics and the practices of the project will not exhaust once it is completed, but will surely continue to be a constant of our work. The biennial curator, Dóra Hegyi Hungary brought two sets of values into discussion: on one side, art closely related to the market, on the other side, some alternative models which come out as a result of the gift economy. Thus, Periferic 8 raised some stringent questions related to the present economic mutations, but in a rather safe manner, leaving no room for radical critical interventions. The curator and the organizers sought to dispose of yet another of the many veils draping the mythology of the art groups raised to a sacerdotal value, which indulge themselves in absolutist self-definitions especially in Romania and even more so in Iaøi, where art continues to be seen in anachronistic terms. While at the previous editions the social and economical relations determined by Iaøi topography and history have been explored in works dealing directly with the local context, this year few of the projects of the approximately 22 international artists were closely related to the city. Periferic 8 tended to bring important names to Iaøi, such as Joseph Beuys and Félix Gozález-Torres, an inspired choice for the illustration of the biennial concept, but which, at the same time, calls for a meditation on the necessity of an institutional corpus of autochthonous contemporary art.

Pe lîngæ latura didacticæ pe care o impune, de a lucra cu aceøti copii explicîndu-le principiile artei conceptuale, curatorul a reuøit sæ abordeze problematica artei ca limbaj universal, dar øi pe cea a receptærii, de cætre public, a unui produs artistic decontextualizat. This time it was about two ambitious projects of creative mediation for pupils and students, but also for the wider public, consisting in conferences, debates, workshops, guided adam sharp investit devreme bitcoin which took place on the whole duration of the biennial.

A studio for artistic practices and debates has been created, with a very consistent and varied program during the first week, where artists, professors, art theoreticians and activists have been invited to the Sports Hall and the Faculty of Architecture. This space was used by the curator Guillaume Désanges to present adam sharp investit devreme bitcoin video installation, drawings and photographic projections, the result of the experimental workshop the history of famous performances, starting with the 60s, rewritten in a gesticulatory manner as adaptations with the 8 year old pupils tranzacționarea criptomonedelor pe etoro an elementary school in Iaøi.

Apart from the didactic aspect it engages, that of working with these children and explaining the principles of conceptual art to them, the curator has managed to approach the issue of art as an international language, but also that of the reception adam sharp investit devreme bitcoin a de-contextualized artistic product by the public. It was expected that Periferic included at least one work related. Brînza fæcutæ de oier nu mai poate fi vîndutæ legal øi echitabil sau folositæ în procesul economic arhaic de troc.

Este capitalismul singura salvare pentru statele foste comuniste? Acelaøi subiect a fost tratat de An Artist Who Cannot Speak English Is No Artist [Un artist care nu øtie vorbi engleza nu este artist] — litere cusute pe o fîøie de material de culoare roz sugerînd un steag, una dintre cele trei lucræri prezente ale. This work with multiple valences marks out the lack in Iaøi of a platform for those interested in approaching contemporary dance. The concept of a free market where everything, if properly directed, may be presented as a gift, has entered Romania recently, along with the major themes of globalization. But this should not stop us wonder: is the recent integration into the European Union a gift or does it create a situation of compromise?

The cheese made by the sheep breeder can no longer be sold legally or conveniently or used in the archaic economical process of barter. What do we lose by uncritically embracing Western values? Is capitalism the only chance for the former communist countries? The work also investigates the distances between the two Moldavian regions which were imposed by the different economic and politic situations, as Another exhibition space was the Sports Hall of the Art Faculty, once a horse stable, the former condition of which was reactivated by chance: one day during the biennial, at the building entrance one could see a horse and a carriage tied to the hand rail.

A situation suggestive, in fact, for the context in which the biennial had to develop. Intitulatæ Geopoetica —15, lucrarea reprezenta douæ femei în costume populare ruseøti care tæiau varzæ pe fundalul unui portret înræmat al lui Jules Vernes. The work entitled Geopoetica — 15 presented two women wearing Russian folk costumes slicing cabbage with the framed portrait of Jules Verne in the background. The work Unguarded Money consists in a photograph of one of the boxes placed all over Budapest for a public collection of money meant to help the relatives of those who died during the revolution. The action was a success and large sums of money were collected. Unguarded Money has all the ingredients needed to illustrate, in accordance adam sharp investit devreme bitcoin Nicolas Bourriaud, the influent theory of the relational aesthetics from the mid 90s, according to which the functionality of the artistic object is more important than contemplation, the plurality and the involvement of the viewer are being encouraged and the collective author is no longer seen as a curiosity. Conforming to the concept of the biennial, the relationships between the plays of social mechanisms and those of the political strategies meant to exercise a control on visual arts are being synthesized and explored by CCCK The Center for Communication and Context Kiev as an exhibition in exhibition.

In the same train of thought, one should say that the film created by the curator Hila Peleg, A Crime against Artdocumenting a performance wherein known names of the international art life played different parts in a trial against the abusive way of exploiting the artistic system for the benefit of personal image. Through embracing a critical stance towards the artistic and curatorial practices, the film is in fact meant to reaffirm the position of the participants, revealing once more the mechanism which compromise, but also activate the ascension in the world of art. The Casa Pogor Museum, the third exhibition space, which during the 19th century hosted the literary society Junimea, has invited the artist Dora García with a sculpture made out of her favorite books translated into Romanian, followed by a public debate with the participation of students from different Iaøi faculties. And since books are often used as a gift, the work questions the conceptual influence which the universal literature translated into Romanian had before and right after A novel project for Iaøi was the temporary architectural structure Info Point placed in front of the A. Cuza University and which only. Notæ: 1. Conceived by the architect Markus Bader, the pavilion has both functional and metaphorical implications, appealing to the need for public spaces. During Periferic 8, the Info Point hosted projections of video works created by Iaøi artists, two concerts held by a local DJ and a VJ, but also an information office related to the biennial.

So, the event in Iaøi dialogued with the public, co-opted it and kept alive its interest in an area, that of the contemporary visual arts, which the local community is less used to. Starting with the innocent gesture of making a gift, the works exhibited talked about the economies which it imposes and implies in a domino-like system, by introducing in a subtle and haltingly way the idea of compromise, not quite visible, however, when first visiting the exhibition spaces. Harta øi teritoriul BB3. Stickerele BB3 au împînzit oraøul încæ din toamna trecutæ øi pot fi øi acum væzute, websiteul BB este unul extrem de profesionist tot în raportul final se vorbeøte despre un numær de BB foloseøte instrumentele øi structura unui eveniment de mare amploare, chiar øi prin modul în care îøi evalueazæ rezultatele.

Totuøi, Bienala Bucureøtiului ræmîne încæ una micæ, de niøæ.

adam sharp investit devreme bitcoin criptomonede ripple cum să tranzacționați pe bitcoin local

Asta nu înseamnæ cæ adam sharp investit devreme bitcoin nu reuøesc, încet, încet, ceea ce øi-au propus. Being Here: Mapping the Contemporary. On the very closing day, the organizers, Ræzvan Ion and Eugen Rædescu issued a press release, a final report in which they talked about the unprecedented success of the present edition, the much more consistent media attention paid to it, the fact that the number of visitors doubled compared to the precedent edition, reaching 51, persons. An all too optimistic and easily questionable figure, if we consider the fact that the entrance was free — thus making it more difficult to cum să obțineți bani cât mai repede cu un credit rău the visitors — and that there were four exhibiting spaces and a person has visited at least one of them.

This figure continues, on the other side, the statement of the Bucharest Biennale1 as part of a coherent plan which the two organizers pursue each time. The visibility of the BB is incontestable — Ræzvan Ion and Eugen Rædescu really invest in promotion and do rely on it; they are all too present and active in everything pertaining to the Romanian art world and its meeting places, be them real or virtual. The BB3 stickers had already invaded the city last autumn and they are still present, the BB web-site is highly professional the final report also talks about some 30, site visitors from 73 countries, adam sharp investit devreme bitcoin the event and it is amazing that, less than a month from the closing of the BB3, the home page of the BB has already presented a new chapter: BB4 — with a new concept, Handlung: About the Production of Possibilities and a curator, Felix Vogel, who, being just 23, will probably be the youngest curator in the international history of biennials. The BB uses the instruments and the structure of a large scale event even in evaluating its results. Nevertheless, the Bucharest Biennale is still a small or a niche biennial. Reading about the BB3 and attending it, it clearly comes to the fore that the organizers attempt this continuous approach of the contemporary art public by creating, for example, some focus. On the existing background, BB is still an event meant for very few.

To be successful due to a contemporary art event or at least to succeed in acquiring a certain normalization in attending contemporary art in the society you place yourself in is an intricate and long formative process, and more so in an eastern space like Romania and Bucharest. The map intervenes into territory. That is because, trying to define the extensive territory of the biennials, we could say that these are mappings of the space which produces them, maps of the contemporary world, inter-maps of equally the present artistic, social and political life, intercepts of present societies. The biennials have the capacity to draw a society, to mark it, to define its present state of affairs. Pe fundalul existent, BB este încæ o manifestare destinatæ unui cerc restrîns. Harta intervine în teritoriu. Bienalele sînt cele care au capacitatea sæ deseneze o societate, sæ o marcheze, sæ defineascæ starea de lucruri prezentæ. A doua. Mission accomplished. The São Paulo Biennale case is emblematic for a pathological international state of this phenomenon.

The text of the two curators of the São Paulo Biennale performs a critical excurs, in just a few pages, on the phenomenon of contemporary art globazization. How does it position itself? It follows exactly the wiser advice of the São Paulo Biennale through an extremely actual and comprehensive topic, maybe the most comprehensive for now, within an emergent space, unmapped that is uncoded yet, as the Romanian one is. The spectacular of the contemporary world, a world made out of charts and networks, a world reduced and highly simplified through different techniques and focusing on certain aspects. At the same time, it is a world infinitely reduplicated, arborescent, open, demountable, rhizomatic. It is the world map looked at exhaustively and successfully exhausted: the BB3 has presented not only artists projects, adam sharp investit devreme bitcoin also complex maps created by organizations interested in various networks and relationships at a planetary level and massive world atlases. We can only abide on several projects, as their number is far too large, making the act of mapping a compulsive, excessive one. Obiective îndeplinite. Textul celor doi curatori ai Bienalei de la São Paulo face un excurs critic, în doar cîteva pagini, asupra fenomenului globalizærii artei contemporane.

Josh On TheyRule. În acelaøi timp, o lume reduplicatæ la infinit, arborescentæ, deschisæ, demontabilæ, rizomaticæ. Nu ne putem opri decît asupra cîtorva proiecte, numærul lor fiind mult mai mare øi fæcînd din actul cartografierii unul compulsiv, excesiv. De la Atlasul metropolitan mondial la amplele proiecte TheyRule. Descoperirea obiectelor-intrus sau care ajung sæ se confunde cu exponatele te adam sharp investit devreme bitcoin în detectivul uneori confuz al celor mai stranii forme contemporane. The Map, the Archive, the Collection Adam sharp investit devreme bitcoin already known project of Lia Perjovschi, Globe Collection Unlimited, — Today, the collection of more than 1, objects of the form or inscribed with the image of the planet, strewn in the Geology Museum, transforms the visitor into the player of a performance without him being ready for it. Discovering the intruder-objects or those who end by being mistaken for the exhibits turns you into a detective, sometimes confuse, of the strangest contemporary forms.

Mikael Lundberg creates Lifeline, five years in the life of the artist, followed day by day, captured with the help of a GPS, a route which becomes repetitive and monotonous, reduced to a scheme. Lia Perjovschi Globe Collection, installation of different objects imprinted with globes, dimensions variable, — today, courtesy the artist, photo: Alexandra Mihalcea. Guernica, Hiroshima, Bagdad, New York. Cînd Pæmîntul este cartografiat, invizibil, din cer pentru a fi distrus, harta supremæ, ultimæ, este cea a cerului redat cosmosului. Harta ca deteritorializare. Deleuze øi F. Guattari, Mille plateaux, Paris, Minuit,p. When the Earth is being invisibly mapped from the sky in order to be destroyed, the supreme, the ultimate map is that of the sky given back to the cosmos.

The map as deterritorialization. Adrian Matei Hygienic, toilet paper manual printed, metal and ceramic support, 15,5 × 11 × 7 cm,courtesy the artist. Deleuze and F. BB3 leaves behind both a collection of critical texts built around the concept of map and of maps and artistic projects of mapping visible in Pavilion, vols. Kristine Stiles, States of Mind.

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Existæ momente cînd rutina e perturbatæ, iar reflexele obiønuite cu care descompunem analitic o lucrare se clatinæ. În felul acesta, povestea e a adam sharp investit devreme bitcoin, dar lucrærile sînt cele ale personajelor, cæci Starling îøi asumæ rolul celui care documenteazæ, aproape cæ retrægîndu-se în umbræ. Înainte de toate însæ, el invitæ øi un maharajah, care este cel mai mare curator øi protector al artelor din toate timpurile. Lucrarea însæøi nu e legatæ de vreun material anume. Spiritul povestirii povestirilor desfæøurate este elementul îndeajuns de puternic pentru a pætrunde obiecte øi clædiri, refluînd liber dintr-un material în altul. Træieøte øi lucreazæ la Budapesta. She lives and works in Budapest. This is more so when, passing through the periodical exhibition organized by the Ludwig Museum, we realize that it is not easy to asses what exactly the work is, without mentioning the difficulties raised by the determination of its authors. We looked on the poster and the author seems to be Simon Starling, 42, an artist rewarded with the Turner Prize, but none of the objects exhibited are his immediate creation. They would do so to retain their identity under the pressures of assimilation. Moreover, since they are often challenged in a multicultural environment to explain their beliefs and practices they tend to become more aware of them. Such awareness can lead to a receptivity towards ideological reifications that take cultural and religious elements out of the daily flow of life and make them into markers of identity in a plural society.

This kind of conservatism or reactionary traditionalism has been observed in a number of migrant groups, such as the Dutch Reformed Church migrants in Michigan USACanada and Australia. In debates about Muslims in Western Europe it is often The observation that migrant groups have to become more aware of their religion and culture due to their constant interpellation by established communities is undoubtedly correct. It is also valid to assume that an ideological apologetics, based on a conscious awareness of ones culture in order to be able to defend ones practices, may follow from this.

However, such observations should not be interpreted as the freezing of an otherwise fluid tradition. In fact, traditionalism requires immense ideological work that transforms previous discursive practices substantially. Work on arguments about Islam in high school discussions in Western Europe describes in detail how Muslim students acquire skills to defend their religion and culture, in ways appropriate to the discursive styles in the nation-states of immigration. When Hindus and Muslims in the Netherlands begin to speak about their religious specialists and their religious services by using Protestant Christian vocabulary they are already in a process of transformation, in which pandits and imams provide guidance in spiritual matters and become not-yet secularised social workers. Mosques in Europe tend to be Moroccan, Turkish, Algerian, Bangladeshi or otherwise ethnically specific, but this tendency of ethnic division has been rejected as fitna in Islamic thought and the salafists or new fundamentalists make use of this to preach a global Islam transcending ethnic and national divisions.

The second is a process of individualization in which individual belief instead of social conformism is adam sharp investit devreme bitcoin basis of Islamic behaviour. To be a true Muslim is more a personal choice and a matter of internal conversion than the result of social pressure. It is here that we can understand the success of such movements as the Tablighi Jamaat since they produce a kind of born-again Muslims. Thirdly, there is the expansion of web-sites where selfappointed experts on Islamic thought and behaviour teach their version. This creates a new sphere of Muslim communication and debate in which the traditional interpreters of the tradition, the ulama, play a diminished role. In this debate, however, it is not liberal Islam, promoted by such thinkers as the Algerian Muhammad Arkoun, which is prevalent. Rather it is the more literalist adam sharp investit devreme bitcoin even fundamentalist arguments that are dominant. Again, these developments do not show conservatism, but quite significant transformations that bring bornagain Muslims, so to say, in direct conflict with their own fellow-Muslims who try to continue some of their ethnic-religious practices in a new environment.

Crucial is the shaping of the public sphere and the deployment of Islamic arguments in it. An interesting illustration of what may happen in the liberal public sphere is a recent incident in mid in the Netherlands. An important news-program on Dutch television had an item on violence against homosexuals by Arta opțiunilor binare youth gangs. A Moroccan imam in Rotterdam was invited to comment in that program and asked what he thought of homosexuality. He stated clearly on television that homosexuality was regarded as a terrible aberration in Islam and that it was a disease that would ultimately threaten Dutch society.

He indicated in the interview that violence against homosexuals was forbidden and that homosexuals should be regarded with pity and treated, but this part of the interview was not broadcast. Within a few days the media could not stop reporting on the illiberal and unenlightened nature of Islam and members of parliament started arguing that this imam should be brought to justice and possibly extradited. The Dutch Prime Minister made a very strong statement that Muslim immigrants should conform to the norms and values of Dutch society. In the media a demand for state intervention in education of imams was voiced from different sides, forgetting the secular separation of state and church for a moment. The rapid transition from a concern about violence to a concern about religion was striking in the Dutch debate. It is in this context that imams are appointed as spokesmen for their religious community by the Dutch media and public opinion and in which the understanding of Islam in.

Imams who state publicly that Islam is against homosexual practice are portrayed as conservative in the liberal public sphere. Moreover, since Morocco is a country which is known in the partly orientalist imagination as a heaven of homosexual and pederast practice for at least a century there is a further notion that what is accepted in Morocco is suddenly not anymore acceptable in the Netherlands because of the growing conservatism of migrant Muslims.

In Holland identity movements, such as the Gay movement, have after the sixties made great progress in gaining public recognition of their sexual identity. A recent culmination of that is the civil marriage for homosexuals. In Morocco there may be substantial gay activity, but no public recognition nor debate about it. Gays should be in the closet in Moroccan society as in fact in most societies but in Holland this is not possible anymore; positions have to be publicly stated and are immediately connected to religion.

Everything becomes a subject of public debate and the invitation to that debate is given under special conditions and can hardly be refused. In the Netherlands the leaders of Muslim communities were summoned by the Minister of Urban Policy to explain their views on homosexuality in a meeting at his department. The nature of the liberal public sphere is such that religious points of view can be primed and framed by the media as more conservative than in the countries of origin and In such an atmo- for example, created a public awareness of a larger sphere religious leaders can be made into ethnic spokes- world beyond Britain and of an imperial duty towards men.

Liberal Cosmopolitanism and Evangelical Cosmopolitanism developed side by side in the colonial era. Their commonality was well expressed in the phrase the white mans burden which is still be4. Alternative Cosmopolitanisms hind global charitable and developmental activism. If openness and a willingness to engage are characteristic Instead of looking at religious migrants as at best conservatives and at worst terrorists one should perhaps of cosmopolitanism one has to recognize a number of different projects of engagement with the world. Transnational religious movements are hardly ever seen as instances of cosmopolitanism, since different genealogies have come up. There are new perceptions of home and the world at play in a number cosmopolitanism is very positively valued in social thought. Secularity is a characteristic of the nineteenth- of migrations. The postcolonial cities of today show a century trope of cosmopolitanism and it continues to be massive deprovincialization of the world or, as I would argue, a new cosmopolitanism.

Publications récentes

Clifford Geertz exso in current discussions. Religious allegiances are unpresses this with his usual rhetorical flourish: As the derstood as condemning the believer to parochialism, 19 entanglements of everybody with everybody else have absolutism and a lack of tolerance. Given the imporgrown in recent times to the point where everyone is tance attributed to the notion of cosmopolitanism in tripping over everyones feet and everyone is everyones current discussions of transnationalism and globalization I want to complicate this perspective. We live in a bazar, not ethical ideal is not a view from nowhere. Genuine cosmopolitanism in his view is a willingness to engage with the Other. The question, however, is what are the conditions and terms of engagement in todays global cities.

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In an essay on the cultural role of world cities Hannerz uses a quotation from V. Naipaul as his motto: Cities like London were to change. They were to cease being more or less national cities; they were to become cities of the world, modern-day Romes, establishing the pattern of what great cities should be, in the eyes of islanders like myself and people even more remote in language and culture. They were to be cities visited for learning and elegant goods and manners and freedom by all the barbarian peoples of the globe, people of forest and desert, Arabs, Africans, Malays. Naipaul is, of course, one of the great believers in a universal civilization, rooted in the Enlightenment, and not at all sympathetic to the persistence of backward cultures, predominantly of what he perceives as an anti-rational religious kind. He is a representative of liberal cosmopolitanism. But is this the only possibility of engagement in the global city? We see in global cities predominantly a cultural engagement within the context of a politics of immigration. Particularly interesting are the new social movements that mobilize outsiders to gain access to housing, property, sanitation, health services, education, childcare, employment, and protection.

The established respond to these claims by developing more and more elaborate security measures, creating walled enclaves in the city. Ghettos, ethnic neighborhoods, enclaves are the conditions of engagement in the global city. Gendered and communal identities are newly constructed in the encounter with the Other which is often anonymous and indifferent, but sometimes violent when spatial markings of identity are violated. Nothing is fixed and settled in the urban space: outsiders today are the established of tomorrow and the demands of the globalized network society prevent a reflexive life-planning for most people except a tiny elite. People do try to build enclaves of communal identity and stake their claims to ownership of the city, sometimes violently. Their engagement with the Other is not necessarily pleasant. Nevertheless, I believe that it is in these urban arenas that new sources of the self, in religious, gender, and political terms, develop. For migrants a vision of a better life is one of the most important elements in their migration. That vision is partly economic, but it is also culturally embedded. The urban space of a mega-city is already invested with a lot of dream-work, to use the Freudian terminology. The imagination of possibility, of dynamism, of mobility is fed by cinematic productions It is interesting to see how religious visions try to claim these spaces and are confronted with other imaginative claims, both in the own community, and coming from outside.

In the case of South Asians, elements of popular culture, such as cricket and Bollywood, have become as global as religious culture. It is this popular culture of media and sports, of fun and leisure, that religious movements have to come to term with in the urban context. The cosmopolitanism claimed in cricket and in some movies has to be confronted by them. Adam sharp investit devreme bitcoin Werbner cites the famous Indian Muslim actor Dilip Kumar at a fund raising in Britain for a cancer hospital in Lahore, set up by the immensely popular cricketer Imran Khan in It is an irony, when the world is growing towards not just internationalism but towards universalness, that we are speaking about nationalities, we are talking about ethnic identities: we, the people and some leaders of human society talk about religion, practising irreligiousnessYes, weve had too much of this religion.

There is but one religion that is preached by all the gospels, by all the sacred books, and that is the decency of man towards fellow human beings. And I stand here with that stamp of Indian nationality to support the cause of my brother [Imran Khan] in this exercise in humanism, adam sharp investit devreme bitcoin humanism29 Werbner, rightly argues that this is not anti-Islamic, but in fact a plea for a certain kind of cosmopolitan religion. Such a plea runs counter to other cosmopolitan projects that are carried by religious movements. If we thus are looking for a postmodern cosmopolitanism it is the global city we have to examine. I, for one, do not want to be restricted by Jean Baudrillards description of postmodern culture as immediate and bland, transparent and fast-moving In fact, locality is produced by global forces and the global city is a very real domain in which cosmopolitanism as a pattern of inclusion and exclusion in the public sphere emerges. Especially, transnational movements which help migrants to cope with the conditions of migration and labour flexibility as well as the adam sharp investit devreme bitcoin of the world economy, such as the Tablighi Jamaat in Islam and the Visva Hindu Parishad in Hinduism, do, to some extent, build religious enclaves, safe havens of the self, but are, at the same time, creatively developing new religious understandings of their predicament, entailing an encounter with the multiplicity of Others and with global conditions on their own terms.

For Gujaratis there is a close affinity between trading and business networks and the networking that is adam sharp investit devreme bitcoin to these religious movements. That kind of affinity is even stronger in the case of sectarian business communities like the Jains or the Daudi Bohras. To mention only one example: if the Islamic interpretations of interest riba in the context of discussions of derivatives cut to the heart of global finance and are, as such, engagements with the world from another discursive tradition.

They are cosmopolitan projects, but emerge from very different histories than that of the European Enlightenment. Global cities are located everywhere, from Hongkong to Rio de Janeiro, from Mumbai to Los Angeles; they are not anymore the metropoles of colonial empires. The global imageries which are at play in them are just as multi-centred. I met a Pakistani taxi-driver in New York who was saving money to study Islamic science in Teheran and I am regularly travelling in aeroplanes with Hindu grandmothers who are located both in India and the US and connect their grandchildren with a religion that is constantly negotiated in New York and San Francisco. The 19th century Western bourgeois project of cosmopolitanism is not anymore possible in the global cities of today, since the differences are too substantial, the diasporic communications too frequent. And this does not only concern elites. As Pnina Werbner has recently argued about working-class Pakistani cosmopolitans, labour migration forges global pathways, routes along which Islamic and familial JSRI N o.

Bryan S. Turner, ed. London: Sage, Delhi: Oxford University Press, Geraint Williams.

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Humans tend to group themselves in communities with similar understandings of the meaning of life and how to act accordingly. For the most part, in past history such large communities, called cultures or civilizations, have tended on the one hand to live unto themselves, and on the other to dominate and, if possible, absorb the other cultures they encountered. For example, Christendom, Islam, China. The meaning of religion ideology At the heart of each culture is what is traditionally called a Religion, that is: An explanation of the ultimate meaning of life, and how to live accordingly. Normally all religions contain the four Cs: Creed, Code, Cult, Community-structure, and are based on the notion of the Transcendent. Creed refers to the cognitive aspect of a religion; it is everything that goes into the explanation of the ultimate meaning of life. Code of behavior or ethics includes all the rules and customs of action that somehow follow from one aspect or another of the Creed. Cult means all the ritual activities that relate the follower to one aspect or other of the Transcendent, either directly or indirectly, prayer being an example of the former and certain formal behavior toward representatives of the Transcendent, like priests, of the latter. Community-structure refers to the relationships among the followers; this can vary widely, from a very egalitarian relationship, as among Quakers, through a republican structure like Presbyterians have, to a monarchical one, as with some Hasidic Jews vis-a-vis their Rebbe.

The Transcendent, as the roots of the word indicate, means that which goes beyond the every-day, the ordinary, the surface experience of reality. Especially in modern times there have developed explanations of the ultimate meaning of life, and how to live accordingly which are not based on a notion of the Transcendent, e. Although in every respect these explanations function as religions traditionally have in human life, because the idea of the Transcendent, however it is understood, plays such a central role in religion, but not in these explanations, for the sake of accuracy it is best to give these explanations not based on notion of the TranJSRI N o. Much, though not adam sharp investit devreme bitcoin, of the following will, mutatis mutandis, also apply to Ideology even when the term is not used.

Sorokin published in his likewise popular book, The Crisis of Our Age2. Franța sau Chinasau chiar sectoare specifice ex. Denumiți ETF. Performanță 3 ani. TER sau Taxe. Fiecare începător începe cu nimic, creierul uman este conceput pentru a învăța continuu. Puteți învăța orice dacă petreceți suficient timp încercând. Psihologia pentru a avea succes este:. Cea mai bună investiție pe care o poți face este să investești în tine! Pentru a investi în ETF-uri pentru începători, trebuie fie să deschideți un cont PEA, un cont de valori mobiliare sau printr-un contract de asigurare. Pentru a face acest lucru, trebuie să deschideți un cont de valori mobiliare sau PEA plan de economii de acțiuni la un broker de capitaluri proprii sau să vă abonați la un contract de asigurare sau PER plan de economii la pensie prin banca dvs. Într-adevăr, aveți două opțiuni pentru a tranzacționa ETF-uri pentru începători, în funcție de obiectivele dvs.

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Majoritatea comercianților de zi folosesc efectul de levier. În cazul scalpingului și tranzacționării zilnice. Taxele se pot adăuga rapid datorită frecvenței tranzacțiilor. Scalperii și comercianții doresc o volatilitate semnificativă. Comercianții de zi caută, în general, un volum mai mare și adesea tranzacționează la deschiderea pieței. Comercianții Swing încearcă să capteze mișcări mai mari în mai multe zile. Ei pot tranzacționa cu normă întreagă. Dar, de asemenea, au opțiunea de tranzacționare cu jumătate de normă, deoarece nu sunt la fel de preocupați de mișcările intraday. Caracteristicile de performanță sunt ușor mai mici decât cele ale traderilor cu o frecvență mai mare. Dar comercianții swing nu sunt atât de limitați de dimensiunea contului și de taxele de tranzacție. Comercianții de poziție încearcă să capteze mișcările adam sharp investit devreme bitcoin durată mai lungă ale unei investiții individuale. Tranzacția de poziție oferă cea mai mare flexibilitate, deoarece fluctuațiile zilnice nu sunt la fel de relevante. Această frecvență de tranzacționare are ca rezultat cele mai mici comisioane și permite utilizarea celor mai mari conturi.

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